In July of 2009, 3 high school freshmen formed GreenTree of Tulsa as an environmental group that would help reduce the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Our plan is to plant trees in Tulsa and surrounding areas to sequester Co2. While working on this project we came to realize that not only the planet and humans are affected, animals are also greatly affected. Climate change and high Co2 levels are severely harming the polar bear's habitats. Due to their dangerous situation, polar bears have become a large part of our project. Since July of 2009, GreenTree of Tulsa(GTOT) has planted over 2,150 trees to help save the polar bears and our environment.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gathering of phonebooks

We each sent out flyers to homes in our neighborhood requesting that they put their old/unwanted phonebooks on their porch for us to pick up and then recycle. We got pretty good response. We are trying to get the word out on the importance of recycling phonebooks. Nationally only 20% are recycled.
For every 400 (5 lb.) phonebooks made 17-20 trees must be cut down.
Recycling a 3 lb. phonebook reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 5.9 lbs. of carbon dioxide.
Not printing a phonebook reduces greenhouse gas by more than 3 times the above amount, or 18.1 lbs. of CO2.